Fundamentally better... ...choice

A fundamentally better choice With playful ease, the Pile Pusher Pro pushes a precast concrete pile into the soil in only a few minutes. With this machine, pile foundations can be installed fast while quality and reliability are kept high and building costs low. A logical choice for end-clients and contractors.

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De Pile Pusher Pro:
Simply impressive

Powered by grid supply or generator

60 to 1,200
tonnes of
pushing force

67 dB

NO vibrations

Nr of Piles Netherlands 0 *Status January 2022

Nijmegen The largest project
In Nijmegen, 535 piles with a total length of approx. 5000 metres were pushed into the soil.
GRONINGEN The smallest project
In Groningen, 24 piles with a total length of 360 metres were pushed into the soil.
A foundation method that dovetails with today’s requirements in the construction industry

“Ongoing urbanisation comes with more and more construction activity in busy areas. This in turn calls for new foundation alternatives to replace the traditional pile driving. Foundation construction should prevent vibrations and cause as little inconvenience as possible. This is where the pushing method comes in. Pushing piles into the soil is, like driving piles, a method that involves soil displacement, which stiffens the soil. This is a major advantage compared to bored piles, which is another vibration-free foundation system, but whereby the soil is removed and the soil actually becomes less firm. Truly unique about this new foundation system is its reliability. Each individual pile’s load-bearing capacity is verified. This creates far greater certainty as to the loads the piles can bear. There is no other technique that can offer this kind of verification.”

Prof. Em. Frits van Tol, Delft University of Technology and Deltares
Valuable fleet expansion

“I have specialised in vibration-free foundation constructions. That pounding noise of driving piles is something I don't like at all. Therefore, investing in a pile pushing machine was a logical choice for me. It is the perfect addition to my fleet of drilling machines, enabling me to execute on a wide range of different projects. Although the machine is huge, it can be transported using standard trucks and can be set up on most construction sites. Pushing piles into the soil is still a relatively unknown technique, but I expect it to take off in a big way. Clients are very enthusiastic about it and we get a lot of repeat business as clients hire us for follow-up jobs, which says a lot.”

Marco Hylkema General Director, Hylkema Funderingstechniek
No one ever noticed a thing

“Right next to our apartment, they were constructing a new apartment building. You always expect inconvenience when there’s construction work going on next door. But the foundation stage involved no nuisance whatsoever; not for us and not for any of the other residents either. We saw how the piles slid into the ground. Without noise and we didn’t feel any vibrations either. It was great, as we could continue to enjoy our lovely sea views in peace and quiet.”

Mr and Ms Outhuyse, Residents of apartment building in Harlingen
Best solution for earthquake-resistant school in Bedum

“For the construction of an earthquake-resistant school in Bedum, the pushing method proved to be ideal. Traditional pile driving was unacceptable due to the vibrations it involves. Bored piles were not an option either, as in-situ piles could not meet the reinforcement requirements for this earthquake-prone location. By pushing precast piles, that did meet the requirements, the school could be realised after all. The piles were pushed into argil, the heavy potter’s clay typical for Groningen Province, to 25 metres below AOD (Amsterdam Ordnance Datum). Thanks to the Side Piler, this was even managed along the edges of the construction site, which is truly unique. Construction plans for the school caused quite some resistance from local residents. The local authority, therefore, wanted to take an extremely meticulous approach by minimising noise and vibration and thus reducing the risk of foundation installation work being suspended. Again, the Pile Pusher Pro’s pushing method turned out to tick all these boxes.”

Peter van der Meer BSc, Senior Advisor, abtWassenaar
Promising for the future

“It is extremely valuable to get instant confirmation of the continuous registered compressive load of each individual pile. The direct correlation between the calculated and registered pushing force gives us a great deal of certainty on the foundation’s load-bearing capacity. This offers opportunities for the future. We may be able to lower the safety factor that we currently use, which would allow us to optimise the number of piles we use and how long they need to be.”

Guido Meinhardt MSc, Senior Specialist / Partner, CRUX Engineering
Fundamentally better... ...for the neighbourhood

Fundamentally better for the neighbourhoodPushing piles into the ground using the Pile Pusher Pro is ideal for construction projects in urban areas. It makes installing foundations a silent job and there are no vibrations that can cause damage to surrounding buildings or infrastructure.

Wist je dat...
  • the crew for a project with the Pile Pusher Pro is made up of only 3 persons, i.e. the operator, the crane operator and an assistant?
  • each Pile Pusher Pro is delivered with a CE Declaration of Conformity under Machine Directive 2006/42/EG?
  • the Pile Pusher Pro can be assembled and disassembled in about half a day?
  • each Pile Pusher Pro has a TÜV certification, based on NEN-ISO 16228?
Fundamentally better... ...reliability

Fundamentally better reliability It is already widely known that precast concrete piles offer high quality and reliability. The Pile Pusher Pro adds a unique and extremely valuable feature to it; during the pushing process, the machine records various operational parameters that can instantly be used to verify the load-bearing capacity of the piles and, therefore, of the foundation.

Data increases design reliability

Data registration Every single Pile Pusher Pro is equipped with a data acquisition system. For each pile, this system collects extra data while pushing. The pushing method thus delivers a quality boost and helps to optimise pile designs through additional calculations.

Each pile doubles as a cone penetrometer The addition of soil testing technology makes the Pile Pusher Pro even more unique. While the prefab concrete pile is pushed into the soil, the total pushing force, depth, and speed are measured continuously, shown real-time on a screen in the cabin, and recorded digitally. This operation is comparable to a huge version of a mechanical Cone Penetration Test (CPT).

Load-bearing capacity test The ‘Cone Penetration Test (CPT)’ obtained during the pushing of the pile can subsequently be compared to CPTs from the soil investigation performed prior to the project. The data recorded also provides valuable input for calculations of the achieved pile bearing capacities and a comparison to the piling plan. It is ultimately an ‘aptitude test’ for each pile and a design verification.

Rising reliability standard The pressure charts produced by the Pile Pusher Pro’s data acquisition system can be used to corroborate the safety level of the foundation constructed. In fact, from the data recorded for piles that were already pushed one can learn for piles still to follow. Along the way the design could be adjusted as new data becomes available. This prevents potential over- or under-dimensioning, so unnecessary construction costs and/or failure costs are prevented. Fundamentally better, therefore, for the reliability of the foundation design and the foundation that is ultimately realised.

Fundamentally better... ...for the environment

Fundamentally better for the environment The Pile Pusher Pro contributes to sustainable construction projects that comply with strict environmental standards. The machine can even be powered entirely electrically at locations with suitable grid supply. The very silent foundation machine is also a right choice for construction projects in or near natural areas.

People Planet Profit

The three Ps of the Pile Pusher Pro echo the three Ps of sustainability. The Pile Pusher Pro’s piling method guarantees silent and vibration-free construction projects with a machine with low to zero emissions. A machine that is so reliable and robust that there is very little wear, giving it a long life span. In short, with the Pile Pusher Pro, construction projects are fundamentally better for workers and local residents – People, fundamentally better for the neighbourhood and the environment – Planet, and fundamentally better from a building costs perspective – Profit.

Recommendation in Program of Requirements Include the use of precast concrete piles combined with a vibration-free and/or silent installation method in your Program of Requirements. Now, this combination is possible. Needless to say, you can also simply require that the contractor uses the pile pushing method.
Ideal for local authorities

“As a member of the local authority, I recently launched a construction project in Werkendam with the usual festive ceremony around the installation of the first pile. What was different was the way in which this first pile went into the soil. Without any vibrations and just as silently as an electric vehicle. No nuisance whatsoever for local residents! This method is certainly ideal for local authorities. We are a rural municipality, and most of the construction is executed within the various village centres. The pushing method for prefab piles enables us to comply with strict laws and regulations in our construction projects.”

Hans Tanis, Member of the Local Executive, Altena
High success rate for projects

“As you develop a project, you are always very aware of the environment in which you will be constructing. With projects in vulnerable areas, such as a historic city centre with age-old buildings, you really have to work carefully. Being able to push piles into the soil without any kind of vibration is then an ideal way of working, empowering us to realise projects that would otherwise be extremely challenging. We have used this method to our full satisfaction in the historic town centre of Harlingen. The process was fast and silent without any damage to old buildings. A friendly method for all.”

Thomas van Houwelingen, Development Manager, Heijmans Woningbouw
Accurate foundations at a competitive price

“Accurate foundations at a competitive price I used the pushing method in two projects where traditional pile driving was not allowed. The machine really impressed me. When you are passing by, you don’t even notice that there is work going on. But if you then take a closer look below the machine, you can see how the piles slide into the soil. Also from a cost perspective, it proved very beneficial. Besides, the method also allows you to level the piles very accurately, meaning less remedial work and less waste.”

Henk Diphoorn, Project Manager, BV Bouwmij Hendriks
You really cannot hear anything!

“When they are about to start the construction of an office block next to your hotel, you obviously worry about noise and other nuisance. Beforehand we were informed that they would be using the pushing method and I was invited to attend the pushing of the first pile. It was very special to experience how such an imposing machine pushes those long piles into the ground so silently. We experienced no nuisance whatsoever. For me, this truly is the best way to do it.”

David Braithwaite, General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn Leiden
What you see is what you get!

“This machine instantly fascinated me. There is no other foundation method in the Netherlands that can tell you each pile’s bearing capacity with such great precision. The machine even lets you adjust the pile depth during installation, such as when the bearing soil layer turns out to be deeper down than initially thought. It gives you so much confidence, there’s no other method that can do that.”

Tahl Tekofsky BSc, Sales Manager, IJB Groep

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